Machine to dose different types of dough. among them shrimp omelettes. creams. pasta. hot or cold dough. patés.confituras ...
With this automatic dosage, the original state of the dough always prevails and avoids its deterioration. It incorporates an anti-drip system.
Easy to program. Thanks to the possibility of modifying the parameters, being able to inject or dose masses of one or more ingredients of different consistencies. hard. semi-dense or fluid. It allows to reduce costs thanks to the reduction of the working time and the increase of the production.
The dispenser is made up of a container / container that is in turn. It incorporates inside a stirrer responsible for keeping the mass homogeneous and ready to pass to the injection piston. It is operated by a cylinder by mechanical transmission with volume and speed regulation.

Technical characteristics:
· Machine approved by the CE.
. Built in it's entirety in stainless steel. According to regulations for food.
. Detachable for easy daily cleaning.
. Possibility of dispensing with different nozzles from 1 to LJ.
. Exchange of nozzles with different outlet diameters from 10mm.
. It allows the regulation of the grammage or volume to be injected of the product.
. Hopper agitator motor for product homogenization.
. Hopper with different capacities from 15 liters to 80 liters of product.
· Variable production depending on the product and the nozzles, from LJO dosages / minute in each nozzle.
· Incorporates wheels for movement

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